The ASKC was founded in 2012 in order to provide a fresh outlet for competitors in the state of Arkansas and surrounding areas a sanctioned tournament circuit where the competitors could earn an official 'State Champion' or Runner Up ranking based on their attendance and placement at each individual event.

Points are earned for placing in the Top 8 at events and are accumulative per category. The ASKC is not affiliated with any style, association or rank promotion group. The ASKC is completely independent to stay away from politics and is open for EVERY martial artist to participate in from any style, studio, association or area. Everyone is welcome. 

The mission of the ASKC is to provide fair, unbiased and professionally ran tournaments and events for every competitor, parent, instructor and association that participates in one single tournament or the entire yearly circuit. 

ASKC is sanctioned by and follows the rules of NASKA. Conference ratings are for Regional (PRO-MAC) events only and State ratings are for Arkansas (ASKC) only. 


Joey Perry

The Arkansas Open

Dennis Brewer

Battle Under the Bridge

Richelle Danley
Jamie Yowell

Natural State Classic

Charles Garrett
Keith Bly

Natural State Classic

Arkansas Showdown


4225 Stadium Blvd.

Jonesboro, AR 72404 


Tel: 870-219-4538

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NASKA - Arkansas Martial Arts Karate Circuit, PRO-MAC

4225 Stadium Blvd.

Jonesboro, AR 72404 


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